Photograph by Zach Korb via Creative Commons



Hey Hue is a new, experimental art agency based in Denver, CO created to promote artist entrepreneurship and art collecting. With a focus on affordability, Hey Hue democratizes the art buying experience by making original art accessible. It also provides artists with new and supplemental revenue streams to support their art practices and increase their collector bases. Hey Hue is dedicated to expanding opportunities for artists, increasing arts participation, and creating unique, irresistible arts experiences.

origin story

Hey Hue is a play on words. Hue is a homonym of you; therefore Hey Hue sounds and functions like hey, you.

Hey Hue is a mash up of ideas inspired by local artists. Synthesizing concepts from Jonathan Saiz’s Blue Chipped, an art vending machine dispensing $20 2” square paintings, and John DeFeo and Arielle Meyers’s Party Art Truck, a mobile art event space, founder Deanne Gertner created an adaptable pop-up model focused on making art accessible and affordable to fill a gap in Denver’s art scene.

Hey hue for hire

Hey Hue offers a variety of services for artists, galleries, businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. Tell us your arts/writing needs at heyhueart (at)

* Creative Placemaking * Corporate Art Consulting * Residential Art Consulting * Curation * Benefit Art Exhibitions * Rotating Art Exhibitions * Inventory Management * Project Management * Arts Activations * Pop-Up Events * Content Writing * Artist Statements * Press Releases * Catalog Essays * Biographies * Arts Criticism * Arts Journalism * Artsy Writer * Blog Posts * Grant Writing * Creative Storytelling *